Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hey there! :)

It's interesting to write again here. It was  24/08/2011 when I wrote my first post. Almost 14 months since then. So much has happened!

A little bio about me today
I'm 21 and live in Penza. It's 9 months and I have my bachelor Diploma in Management. I make weddings films (for today it's 20 films). I'm a CEO at dance school "S-Dance". I'm a director at Penza's State University Filmstudio. I have done quite a progress as a filmmaker and a big progress as a personality for 14 months. And I had 2 10-classes-courses with a great film director Ludmila Usova.

What else to do in the Future
There are a lot of things I have promised to do. There are a lot of wedding films and other works I've filmed but not edited yet. I have to read a lot books and articles about cinematography. It's so much to learn! So many films to watch and books to read! There are interesting film projects next year. In 2013 there will be a lot of weddings. There will be a lot of my short-films to shoot. And there are so much i need to do for my personality!!!

Life is going on! And it's great! Thank You GOD!


Sunday, 29 January 2012

An idea

I live in a small city - there is no professional cinemantic curses, no seminars, no teachers. There are some photographs, and a few teachers. And sometimes there are 1-2 days courses of famous Russian photo gurus.
I am lucky to attend one.

It's Sunday, I'm in a photostudio, looking for interesting facts and info from a photomaster Oleg Mityaev.

Idea to be a part of this *** is questinable, because I'm not a photographer, howerer it's an interesting art.

Long time ago Ive started

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

VIDEOS made with my help [ONLINE]

My own:
NATURE (End of Summer)

Young russian rapper - KReeD:

A funny young boy - AB:

Incredible ShowMan - SteelMan:


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

STORY: How I began

Russian Mentality says: "Filmmaking? No... You can't do it. It's either for people with connections, or with money". That was the words that stopped me 3 years ago when I was choosing a University to study at.

Not cinematography, but management and economics. Ok. That was not bad. Plenty of great people were there! But... I gave up. I left the prestigious Uni after 2,5 years of studying and changed my life completely. I've started it from the very beginning, trying to cope with what Russian Mentality has sad.

For that I've spent almost half of the year. 6 months of stagnation. Not a great time... In addition to this I left wonderful and the best city of Russia (Saint Petersburg) with its best people, to a town-in-the-middle-of-nowhere with nobody...

However, here I live in a family - that's the biggest pros! In a big, funny and happy family with elders, mums, dads, kids, pets and sparrows. And that's good for everybody - we make each other happy, while trying to make each own way. All those people helped me A LOT to get over the difficulties. 
Many thanks to EACH ONE of you, guys!

So, here I am today! Doing what I can, trying to be able to do it better. And ready to work more the next day than the previous one. It doesn't matter where I was born, what language I speak and who is my friend. I will do it! Are listening to me Russian Mentality?

Dream, Determination and Action -
 these are 3 keys to success. 

We will do it!! 



Hey there :) Glad You're reading my words!

I've just come up with the idea to start a blog about what I've done and what I'm doing in the cinema field. This will be a kind of report for myself. What's more it'll help You know me better, suggest ideas for collaboration works, express your opinion and give me some advice. Also it would be great if You'll highlight my grammar mistakes :) :) :)

I'm a young russian lady living still in Russia. My town is so insignificant, that there are no filmschools, filmmakers or appropriate courses. So that I have to find a way to the Filmmaking World myself. I've started looking for the way approximately 6 months ago. Keep doing it and ready work harder to achieve goals and make my dreams come true.

Wish you all, dear readers, good luck, great works and keep having fun whatever you do! ;) 
:) ;)